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Pump Selection Software (ASK Pro)

ASK Pro® is a dedicated software for all engineers who are directly or indirectly involved in pump and pump selection. ASK Pro® is solely designed and produced by ASK and is copyrighted by international federal law.

ASK Pro® 2.01 is the second generation of the pump selection program The new program is unique in the range of functions and so it can be used for detailed technical selection and configuration of almost all types of centrifugal pumps and their special constructional features. It makes the selection and configuration of pumps even more efficient and takes account of complex selection algorithms.


The pump selection software comprises:

  • the Hydraulic Selection of a pump utilize area of application, duty point and additional parameters
  • the Product Selection Browser with direct access to series and type designations
  • the material selection from standard tables
  • the driver and coupling sizing for usage condition
  • the Spare Parts Selection choosing from spare part lists
  • A strong database for electric motors types, material & chemical resistance table for materials,...



  • User friendly GUI
  • Easy to use
  • Select appropriate pump size and models
  • Viscosity effects accordance with ISO 17766
  • Standard database
  • Project managing
  • Printable spreadsheet data-sheet


For having  a full  edition of ASK Pro® contact our sales office.


Download the compact edition of ASK Pro®