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API 676, TSP Series






TSP series are twin spindle, horizontal or vertical screw pump to API 676, 3rd


• Flow rate (Max.):   2000 m3/hr

• Differential Pressure(Max.): 40 bar

• Speed (Max.): 3000 rpm

• Suction pressure rating: Up to 10 bar g

• MAWP: Up to 40 bar g

• Operating temperature: -15 ˚C to 350˚C

Oil Fields:

  • Transferring various oil goods and crude oil and etc.
  • Oil refineries
  • Transferring heating oil, asphalt oil, tar, emulsion, asphalt, and
  • also loading and unloading various oil goods for oil tanker and oil pool.

Power plants:

  • Heavy and crude oil transfer pump, heavy oil burning pump
  • Chemical industries:
  • Transferring acids, alkali solutions, resin, color, printing ink, paint, glycerin and paraffin wax.

Food industries:

  • Used for food products factory, sugar refinery, tin factory to
  • transfer for alcohol, honey, sugar juice, toothpaste, milk, cream, soy sauce, vegetable oil and animal oil.
  • Loading and unloading with wide range of capacity
  • Circulation from tank to tank
  • Stripping of tank and pipes
  • Operation with wide range of product viscosity
  • Operation at high or low pressure
  • Full Control in all kind of operation modes
  • Reduced installation costs for pipes and valves
  • High safety due to variable operation
  • In-Line Suction and Discharge Simplifies piping design and construction
  • Low Pulsation
  • No fixed duty points
  • This pumps are self priming, have excellent NPSH value & ideally suited for low and high viscous media
  • Overall efficiency with different working points
  • Compact design ensures space-saving set-up
  • Functional principle ensures low-pulsation and low-noise operation
  • Short-term dry run operation possible
  • High suction lift
  • Constant flow at varying pressures and volumes
  • In conformity with API 676, 3rd



  • Wide range of materials for many applications available
  • Single & double mechanical seals as options for shaft seal
  • API682 seal support system available
  • Local control panel and instrumentation
  • Casing heating/cooling jacket for special services
  • Various types of baseplate designs to suit customer requirements



  • Catalogues

    TSP- Catalogue 2015

  • Data-sheet Forms

    TSP-Compact Data-sheet