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API 610, VS1 Type Pump







Vertically suspended, multi stage long shaft centrifugal Pump, to API 610, 11th, (Also, NFPA 20)


Flow rate(Max.) :  7200 m3/hr

• Differential head (Max.): 650 m

• Speed (Max.): 3000 rpm

• MAWP: 70 bar g

• Operating temperature: -15 ˚C to 150 ˚C

• Design temperature: 85 ˚C



  • Light hydrocarbon refinery services
  • Boiler feed water
  • High Pressure Water Services
  • Crude Oil Pipeline
  • Crude Products Pipeline
  • High Pressure Condensate
  • Gasoline Pipeline Service
  • Water distribution
  • Chemicals
  • Petrochemicals
  • Mining
  • Offshore industries
  • Electricity generation
  • Sea Water desalination
  • cooling, circulation
  • Fire-fighting systems
  • Single or multi-stage with closed impeller(s), stages bolted together for structure integrity
  •  Keyed impeller(s) for proper transmission of torque loadings
  •  Side discharge through sump head offering a compact and structural strong configuration
  •  Thrust bearing oil or grease-lubricated, thrust loads fully isolated from the motor
  •  Column bearings lubricated by the pumped liquid or lubrication by external liquid optional
  •  Diffuser / turbine designs eliminate radial loads on column bearings
  •  Inducer / Canned configurations to meet low NPSH requirements
  •  Excellent hydraulic efficiency
  •  Shaft sealing flexibility : packing rings, single, double or tandem-mounted mechanical seal
  •  Sole plate (optional)
  •  Line shaft with enclosing tube



  • Materials variety according to API 610
  • Various types of cartridge mechanical seals available
  • Design available for non-Hydrocarbon Applications
  • Impeller trimmed to match the specified duty point
  • Wide range of hydraulic designs to suit all applications
  • Grease or oil lubricated bearing bracket
  • A variety of instrumentation options are available for monitoring all key operating parameters (temperature, pressure, vibrations, etc.)
  • Circular or rectangular sole-plate available



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VS1 series


Other hydraulics on request


  • Technical Catalogue

    VS1Series Catalogue-2015

  • Data-sheet Forms

    VS1-Compact Data-sheet for Electro-pump

    VS1-Compact Data-sheet for Diesel-pump

    VS1- API 610, 11th, Data-sheet